Traditional Pentagon Elite®

These flexible attachment profiles are an extrusion of two semi rigid PVC flanges connected with a plasticized membrane, and equipped with VHB aggressive double sided tape (grey color).

The two PVC flanges are attached to the window film and the frame while the flexible middle spans over the gasket. It is supplied in three profiles related to the flexible membrane width:

Pentagon Elite® Small.
Pentagon Elite® Standard.
Pentagon Elite® XXL.
See Product Table for more details.

Traditional Pentagon Elite® has been tested in the UK to the ISO 16993 standard, in conjunction with 8 mil film, in an actual open range explosion and achieved GSA 3 level. ISO 16993 loads are equivalent to UFC standard loads (5.7 psi & 43-45 psi-ms over pressure).

Since it was launched, in 2005 Pentagon Elite® has been installed and specified in hundreds of commercial, public, and government facilities. Its decorative appearance, strength, and ease of installation has made it a main player in today’s market.

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